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The INELYS Group is ... 

Member of the Fédération des Cabinets Intermédiaires 


Created during 2020, the FCI is a politically neutral body which in time aims to bring together 250 to 300 mid-sized accounting and audit firms in France.

This body’s goals are:

  • to raise awareness of the key role played by mid-sized accounting and audit firms in the French economy and to give them a platform through which they can make themselves heard;  

  • to reverse a trend towards high market concentration, which is considered to be unhealthy for the segment as a whole;

  • to contribute to the debate and make its voice heard by the authorities and stakeholders.


Nicolas Priest, Chief Executive Officer of the Groupe INELYS is a member of the board of the FCI in his capacity as Co-Chairman of the Accountancy division.


AUDECIA member


Audecia brings together accounting firms and statutory auditors.

Bringing together some 200 chartered accountants and statutory auditors as well as 2,200 other employees, AUDECIA is an independent professional organization which serves 50,000 clients in 140 towns and cities across France. It offers comprehensive solutions to day-to-day issues in the fields of accounting, auditing, payroll management and HR, corporate law and management and organization consulting.


Member of the Order of Chartered Accountants



Member of CNCC 

National Company of Statutory Auditors


EACC Member 

European American Chamber of Commerce

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