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Life at Inelys

More than just a commitment

Our recruitment officer, 

Plamena PAVLOVA, makes you live the INELYS experience! 

2 minutes of video to discover : 

- Our missions
- Our team
- Our values
- Our work environment

Our employees appreciate :


Our workplace 


Our  digital tools 


Our participative management


Our internal events

Our spacious premises, near green areas such as Lake Annecy, the Parc de la tête d'or for our Lyon branch, the Bois de Vincennes for our Paris branch

A real comfort and time saving for our teams because we have powerful software and tools with the support of our IT department and our data analysts

Our teams are at the heart of the company's projects, supported by an accessible and attentive management. We advocate participative management: an ideal way to include you in the company's development process. 

Group and Agency seminars, sports classes with professionals at lunchtime, but also 10 or so events (sports) open to all and entirely taken care of by INELYS: Course des Lumières, Bulky Games, La ruée des fadas, le color rush ...

La qualité de vie chez Inelys (qvt) :

Inelys s'engage auprès des collaborateurs.

Café et croissant


Afterworks, soirées, séminaires, arbre de noël

Main qui entour une case du calendrier

Semaine de 4,5 jours

temps de travail modulable

Femme sur un fauteuil pc sur le genoux


2 jours par semaine


Environnement de travail 

Locaux modernes à proximité

de lieux de détente.

Matériel de sport


Séances de sport le midi et évènements sportifs offerts

Bien-être, convivialité, partage, formation interne et bien d'autres... !

In pictures
These strong moments that bring us together

For more than 4 years, INELYS has been committed to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach where the well-being of employees is at the heart of the Group's concerns: Cross Training sessions  and pilate weekly, Christmas tree and Christmas dinner, pancake  of kings, annual group seminar ... etc

Afterwork d'été 2022

Séminaire Groupe 2022

Afterwork Lyon 2021

Afterwork d'été 2023

Sports events
Doing good and rediscovering yourself while having fun

Group and agency seminar
Getting together to move forward together

halloween, easter, christmas tree, epiphany... any occasion is good to get together!