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Advice & support

How viable is my project ? 

What is the most suitable employment status for my current situation ? 

How can I successfully transfe rthe ownership of my business ?

What solutions can I apply to turn around my struggling business  ? 

As go-to advisors to business leaders and CEOs, we offer you support and advice as and when needed:

As your business is starting up: clear analysis of your project, drawing up your business plan, help in sourcing funding

If your business runs into difficulties: recovery plan ensuring the continuation of the business, safeguard plan etc


Your employment status: compensation strategy, life insurance/health insurance, pension

Transfer and transfer of your business

Sale and transfer of ownership of your business

Lors de la création de votre entreprise : opinion claire sur votre projet, établissement de votre business plan, assistance dans la recherche de financement

En cas de difficulté : plan de continuation, plan de sauvegarde …

Votre statut : stratégie de rémunération, prévoyance, retraite

Cession et transmission de votre entreprise


4 reasons why we are perfectly-placed to advise and support you


We can give you a 360° perspective of your company


We boast in-depth understanding of the ever-changing tax scene


We have very close working relationships with key partners:

banks, notaries, solicitors, insurance agents etc


Offering you ADVICE and SUPPORT is our core business !

fines rayures

Our other areas of expertise




Social benefits & HR


Assistance juridique

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Gestion fiscale LMP/LMNP

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