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Tax Advice and Tax Litigation


How can I reduce my personal tax liability and make my business more tax-efficient?

How can I ensure all my tax returns are completed correctly? (IRPP (income tax), IFI (wealth tax), exit tax etc)

What do I need to do in relation to my tax affairs  if I’m moving abroad?

How can I protect my interests in the event of a tax inspection or tax litigation ?

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With Inelys, you can draw on the expertise of experienced tax specialists who are 100% focused on tackling your tax issues.

Calling in a tax expert will help inform and guide you in your long-term decision-making, whether this relates to assets or professional questions. Our specialists possess extremely in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of both the French and international tax scene.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Inheritance taxation

Personal tax planning for CEOs and their families, planning the transfer of ownership of a business and/or assets to a family member, troubleshooting estate planning issues etc

International taxation

Managing the tax implications of leaving or returning to France, determining tax residency, explaining international tax treaties, avoiding double taxation, 
Exit Tax…

Corporate taxation

General advice relating to the taxation of companies and other business entities, sophisticated tax planning and structuring measures, taxation as it relates to share transfers and capital contributions, taxation as it relates to mergers and acquisitions…

Tax inspections & Litigation

Drawing up defence strategies and guidance with a view to resolving tax litigation and disputes, correcting honest mistakes in tax returns and negotiating settlements with the tax authorities…

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Social benefits & HR


Assistance juridique

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Gestion fiscale LMP/LMNP

Our other areas of expertise

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