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You are a foreign subsidiary

Or do you already own a subsidiary based in France ?

Would you like to set up a subsidiary in France ?

The experts at Inelys will advise and help you with accounting, taxation and legal issues, as well as employment law and employer obligations.  They will also provide you with the tools you need to successfully manage your French operations.


> Implementing accounting systems that are compliant with French and international standards,

Full accounting to group standards,

> Taking over all accounting operations in compliance with the parent company’s norms


> Financial reporting,


> Auditing of the accounts,

> Territorial scope of VAT

> Assistance with filing regular tax returns

> Payroll management in conjunction with your parent company,

> Management of expatriate staff,


> Assistance during URSSAF inspections...

Les experts Inelys vous assistent dans les domaines comptables, fiscales, juridiques et sociales et mettent à votre disposition des outils afin de piloter votre activité française.

Mise en place de la comptabilité aux normes françaises et internationales

Tenue intégrale de la comptabilité aux normes du groupe

Reportings financiers

Révision des comptes

Territorialité de TVA

Assistance à l'établissement des déclarations fiscales périodiques

Établissement de la liasse fiscale

Gestion de la paie en liaison avec votre maison-mère

Gestion du personnel expatrié

Assistance lors des contrôles URSSAF...


Four reasons to rely on us



Extensive experience in working with subsidiaries




Having a locally-based partner will save you time and help you to focus on your business


Our meticulous, professional approach helps guard against legal worries
Our teams are specialists and speak English to a high standard
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