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You are a company in difficulty

What course of action should you take if your business is in financial difficulty?

What are the first warning signs to look out for ?

Prevention being better than cure, it’s of critical importance that your first response is to discuss your situation with us, your chartered accountant, your banker and your suppliers.


As soon as the first warning signs are detected, whether they relate to the wider economic landscape, company finances or external factors, company heads must not retreat into isolation. Until such times as solutions are identified to navigate a way out of the crisis in question, CEOs need to be supported by professionals who can help evaluate the situation from multiple perspectives: accounting, financial, legal and managerial.

Four reasons to call on INELYS for support

1. We will assess your situation by analyzing a whole range of financial criteria:
a significant reduction in the cash position, an increase in the working capital requirement, difficulties repaying loans etc.

2. We bring a fresh perspective to the situation, helping you to quickly take the right decisions.

3. We work closely with specialist lawyers, bankers and the commercial courts…

4. We have been guiding business leaders through crisis situations for a number of years now.


diminution significative de la trésorerie, augmentation du besoin en fond de roulement, difficultés de remboursement des emprunts ...


2. Nous vous apportons un regard neuf à la situation afin de vous permettre de prendre rapidement les bonnes décisions.

3. Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec des avocats spécialisés, mais aussi des banquiers, les tribunaux de commerce …

4. Nous accompagnons depuis plusieurs années, des dirigeants en situation de crise.

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