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You are an entrepreneur

Want to go into business?

INELYS offers you a comprehensive array of services to help you move your business project forward, step by step, simply and safely:

INELYS vous propose une offre globale pour vous accompagner en toute simplicité et en toute sécurité dans votre projet, étape par étape :


> We hold a discussion about your project focusing on

Your key idea, your market and your goals, all with a view to assessing its feasibility from a financial, commercial and legal point of view.

Votre idée, le marché, vos objectifs ... afin de définir sa faisabilité financière, commerciale et juridique.


>  Advice

about which legal structure, employment status and tax regime to adopt.

sur le choix du statut juridique, social et fiscal.


> Support

in drawing up a business plan, an absolutely key component of setting up any business, which will include your financial projections.

à l'élaboration du business plan, élément fondamental de tout projet de création d'entreprise, comprenant notamment votre prévisionnel.


>  Assistance with administrative and legal formalities

Drafting the memorandum and articles of association, administrative steps at the commercial court registries...

Rédaction des statuts, formalités auprès du greffe ...


> Sourcing funding

Sourcing business start-up and other grants, accompanying you to meetings with banking institutions.

Aides à la création, recherche de subventions, accompagnement chez les banquiers.


> Implementation of business monitoring tools

regular meetings with your chartered accountant, business management tools (dashboard)...

rencontres régulières avec votre expert comptable, outils de gestion (tableau de bord)...

Are you a new or future entrepreneur?

It’s one thing to have a good idea, it’s another to know what to do next to turn that idea into a viable project!  Our advisor will give you all the ideas you need to build a solid foundation from which you can launch your new business – or plan ahead for the future

48 pages to test your project!

Thank you for what you sent ! You will receive the GUIDE BY MAIL


Do you want a short overview? Find the summary below:

P.4   : The good idea you will have
P.8   : Your personal project you will check
P.15: You will carry out market research
P.19: A business plan you will sell
P.23: Financial forecasts you will make
P.26: Funding and aid you will find
P. 32: The right legal status you will choose
P. 35: You will take care of the creation formalities
P.38: Your business you will install
P.45: The first months of activity you will succeed


"CROSSING THE KEY STEPS in starting a business"

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