Our businesses

> Accounting, management, taxation

Together with the head of business, we offer account monitoring and single improvemnts to ensure accurate and reliable financial information for your strategy:

     - Managing your accounts

     - Preparation of tax returns: VAT , CET, CAVE...

     - Preparation of annual and consolidated financial statement

     - Long range planning, dashboards , cash management

     - Analysis of costs and profitability

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> Audit

Integrity, impartiality, competence, independence, brotherhood and discretion are the six basic principles of our Code of Conduct.In addition to the certification of accounts, we offer:

     - Commissioner for fusion

     - Statutory contributions or commissioner for allowance (which one is right?)

     - Commissioner for transformation

     - Audit acquisition

     - Due Diligence

> Payroll and social services

With our knowledge of social legislation, we assist our clients in matters of employment law and staff management:

     - Establishment of payslips and social contributions

     - Assistance in hiring: studying and drafting labor contracts

     - Implementation of legislation and employment regulations

     - Dismissal procedures

     - Payslip audits

     - Labor contract audits

For all issues related to the areas of welfare, health, retirement and SAYE, we collaborate with a specialized independent advisor, in order to offer the best solution for your specific needs.

> Fiscal management for furnished rentals

Our FURNISHED RENTALS department: Fiscal management of furnished rentals.

We fulfill all formalities and accounting and tax obligations on behalf of our clients:

     - Declaration of activity

     - Tax Options

     - VAT recovery

     - Preparation of annual tax returns

     - Support to the income tax return

In addition to our core competencies, we offer legal guidance for your business:

     - During the development and start up period: formalities with the registry, study and incorporation of your

        company (Real Estate, Proprietary, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company...)

     - Approval of the annual accounts, management report

     - Executive compensation guidance

     - Modification of the social pact

     - Liquidation of companies

> Legal Assistance

> Welth management

The changes in taxation, combined with complexity of existing conditions make wealth management a matter for our specialists!

INELYS combines detailed knowledge of taxation, the financial environment, and your situation, allowing us to offer customized and practical solutions. In addition to our traditional core competancies, INELYS experts are positioned as your favorite consultant.

     - Statement of the assets

     - Offering solutions to optimize your business

     - Executive compensation

     - Property transfer / succession.

> Advice and guidance

As an advisor to the entrepreneur, we support you in everyday life:

     - When creating your business: clear opinion on your project, detailed review of your business plan and 

        assistance in the search of funding

     - Contingency management: continuation plan and backup plans...

     - Executive benefits: compensation strategy, pension , retirement

     - Assignment and transfer of your business


INELYS (siège social)

66 quai Charles de Gaulle - Cité Internationale

69006 LYON



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INELYS est un cabinet d'expertise comptable basé à Lyon, Paris, Annecy et en Saône et Loire.

Nos experts comptables accompagnent les dirigeants en France entière dans le développement de leur société : expertise comptable, audit et conseil.

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